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Empower for employment – Training Course – Salto Youth PROJET CLÔTURé
This training course allows professionals to exchange experiences related to youth empowerment and support of youngsters in their active professional life transition. Participants will be able to deliver the activities of the proven program.

Are you looking for innovative ways to empower youth?

Do you want to discover the link between non-formal education and youth empowerment in the domain of employment? Do you want to know how to emphasize and value the full potential of youngsters?

If yes, this is for you!

The training program aims to provide youth workers/trainers/coaches & youth leaders with YOUTH-full tools based on non-formal educations methods.

The learning outcomes will help them to give youngsters the opportunity of facing and understanding the complex labour market.

Prochaine date
22-26 octobre
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Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth coaches, Youth researchers
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Youth Hostel Esch/Alzette
Contact :
Mirka Costanzi
+352  26 540 524 – 49

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